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The Personal DataRecorder System

In today's competitive environment, accurate and timely production data is essential. The "Personal DataRecorder System" allows you to accurately collect and report vital production information from the shop floor - while it is happening.

Whether you need to collect and report daily production, labor, employee activities, time & attendance, product movement, quality control, materials, or other routine data, the PDR System will record and report information - quickly and accurately.


The software enables the user to send prompts in any sequence to the PDR Terminals for data input. Consequently, the user can customize the data entry through the prompts displayed on the terminals. (Prompts are words or phrases that indicate to the operator what information should be entered such as: Employee #, Order #, Operation #, Material, Quantity, etc.)

The user can enter a variety of responses in the terminals to further qualify the entries of the prompts, such as dates or yes's and no's, which confirm the entries of employees. There is practically no limitations to the number of prompts in a group or the number of different groups of prompts. Each department in your company could have its own unique group of prompts.

The basic strength of the PDR System is its flexibility and its ability to be modified easily and quickly by office personnel with limited computer knowledge.


The PDR System consists of a personal computer, the PDR Software, a PDR Network controller, PDR Hub, and PDR Terminals. Because of the unique development of the PDR Software and the terminal network, as many as 250 PDR Terminals can be connected to a single computer.

Information is collected, verified, and time stamped from the PDR Terminals. This data is then stored in a PC and reported in many types of formats with the PDR Software. There is also the option of interfacing with a host computer as a front-end processor.


Collected data is stored in a Microsoft Access Table or SQL that is ODBC compatible. Microsoft Access or Crystal Reports Writer can manipulate and report data in many different formats. Access Tables can also be configured with additional fields for infinite reporting options.

Please call us about our Sequel (SQL) option

Historical or Work-in-process reports like: Job Status, Cost Center Activity, Employee's Daily Production, Material Usage, Payroll Hours, Job Summary with Costs, Absentee Report, and numerous other reports can be sent to a printer, monitor or another computer for further
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