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The PDR HARDWARE consists of the PDR Network Controller, PDR Network Hubs, PDR Data Collection Terminals and optional bar code devices (Bar Code Wands, CCD Scanners, & Bar Code Laser Scanners). Data Specialists also offers numerous options of Portable Data Collection Terminals plus a full alpha-numeric data collection terminal.

The PDR Data Collection Terminals are the most competitively priced data collection hardware available today. Each PDR Terminal has a two-line 24 character Liquid Crystal Display. Each is specially programmed with its own unique address for recognition.

Photo of wall-mounted PDR terminal being used
Photo of bar code pen being used with wall-mounted PDR terminal
PDR Terminals are built of aluminum to withstand harsh environments and handling. The hermetically sealed flat-panel keypad is unaffected by greases, chemicals and solvents. The Keyboard has a rated life of 10,000,000 cycles per switch element. PDR Terminals can attach to numerous bar code devices such as a Bar Code Wand, CCD Scanner, Bar Code Badge Readers & a Bar Code Laser Scanner.

Portable Data Collection Terminals are ideal for a variety of mobile applications including general data collection, inventory, shipping and receiving and much more.

Photo of PDR unit with bar code wand Photo of PDR unit with bar code wand Photo of PDR unit with extended keypad
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