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Bar Coding Options

The option of Bar Code Collection can provide the employees fast and friendly entry of data. The operator is prompted to enter data through either the keypad or bar code device.

Bar Code Pen
Bar Code Wand
  LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY TO HOLD Extended use without operator fatigue.
  LARGE DEPTH OF FIELD Excellent reading at large tilt angles and through laminates.
  RUGGED CONSTRUCTION Durable under the most demanding applications.
  CHOICE OF ILLUMINATION Meets requirements for a wide range of bar code labels.
  STRONG FLEXIBLE CORD Durable cord that does not interfere with scanning.
Bar Code Hand Scanner
Hand Held CCD Scanners

CCD SCANNERS offer excellent scanning performance at an attractive price. Two models are available for reading a bar code width of 2.3" or reading 3.1".

CCD Scanners read in contact with the bar code, and are compact in size and comfortable to use.

Photo of a General Purpose Laser Scanner unit
General Purpose Laser Scanner

Data Specialists offers a family of high-value scanners that include both stationary/hands-free and handheld scanners. Scanners are available with either conventional laser or linear imaging technology. Along with their value and flexibility, ergonomic designs, reliability, and easy maintainability characterize our scanners are built to last; many even feature five-year warranties that ensure the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Handheld scanners are ideal for tracking and recording most any bar code application:

  • Inventory (Item #, Quantity, Storage Location, etc.)
  • Labor (Employees, Jobs, Operations, Materials, etc.)
  • Time & Attendance (Employees, Department, Shift)
  • Machine/Equipment Utilization ( Machine ID, Setup - Run - Down Times)
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